Novice Course

The Novice Course £ 1155 ( inc Test )

Learn to drive in 1 week , the Novice student would have around 5-10 hours of practise with a driving instructor or a family member. The student will be practising car control, clutch steering, and moving off and stopping smoothly on hills, angle starts, the MSM routine would be known and used. Practice on entering and exiting junctions roundabouts with light traffic

The Novice course is a 36 hour course which would normally be taken over 6 days. The practical driving test is arranged for the course final hour. Training will be to the DSA syllabus for the practical driving test.

Start time is 9am although flexibility on start times is offered to students. Tuition each day will be 6 hours. A short refreshment break is taken every 2 hours of training period. This course can be taken between 6 and 10 days. Please feel free to call and ask for details.

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Novice Course