Pass Plus

The Pass Plus £ 210

Congratulations you have PASSED. It's great news when you have passed your driving test. As a newly qualified driver, particularly those in the 17 to 24 age range are the most vulnerable drivers and are more likely to be involved in incidents that lead to accidents. Pass Plus helps new driver to improve on the skills they have learnt to pass there test, and to learn some new skills that they may not have covered when learning for their driving test. Pass Plus is a great way for newly qualified drivers to gain extra experience that will be used on today's busy roads. Most major insurance companies support the Pass plus course. Many offer discounts of up to 40% on the first insurance policy taken out by a newly qualified driver. Savings well in excess of £600 are regularly made when insuring after taking the Pass Plus course The Pass Plus course is a normally taken over one day it is a 6 hour course. The start time for the course is normally 9am with a short break after each 2 hour training period. The Pass Plus can also be taken over 2 days if preferred.

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Pass Plus